Kenyan Super-foods and Skin Care

Kenya has a very rich and diverse ecosystem. With her location on the equator and having forests, deserts and an ocean, she boasts many plants and trees that have spectacular nutritional value. Some of these include (but not limited to) the Baobab Tree, the Moringa Tree, the Spirulina Tree and the Neem Tree to name but a few. The One's Health journey has driven us in the direction of sourcing locally produced Kenyan "Super-foods", or those foods with exceptional nutritional value for our health conscious customers. According to the Oxford Dictionary, a Super-food is “a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.” One's Health introduce a collection of Super-foods that contain large doses of vitamins, antioxidants, fiber and minerals. Simply add a teaspoon or two into your smoothies and promote health and well-being.

MY|NAWIRI, as do we, strongly believe that nature itself can offer a solution for all of our well-being needs, and their commitment is to finding these solution and making them available to our customers. They are also  curious by nature, and their research stems from the belt of Sub-Saharan phyto-ingredients, rich in nutrients and other amazing benefits. They enjoy combining the properties of their base ingredients to find the most suitable solution for all wellness needs. Their laboratories are "top standard", enabling them to stabilize these natural components, so that they can offer products entirely free of any additives or preservatives. The MY|NAWIRI team is driven by commitment, curiosity and enjoyment in providing our customers with the best possible natural experience in super-foods and skin-care products sourced in Kenya. See the product range clip here.

Our Super-food Collection (also for export)

The word “superfood” gets tossed around a lot these days but, for some foods, it is an accurate description. Moringa, the name given to the usable parts of the Moringa oleifera tree, is worthy of this designation because it is positively packed with nutrition and health benefits.

Various parts of this tree have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, but have recently become popular in the Western world as well. Keep reading to learn more about the leaves, seeds, and flowers of the Moringa tree and the benefits they provide.

Moringa Oleifera Lam or “the Tree of Life” is a powerhouse of nutrients originating from India.
Moringa is prized for its tremendous health benefits, MY|NAWIRY Moringa is grown organically and processed to preserve all the properties of the leaves and support your thrive for a healthy body and happy soul. Packed with vitamins, proteins,  minerals and antioxidants, Moringa powder helps body detoxification, gastrointestinal health, control of diabetes, treat inflammation, liver health, muscle recovery and cancer prevention. Enjoy two tea spoons a day with yogurt, your favourite smoothie or juice. Use also as herbal tea.

The baobab tree is one of the largest and oldest trees in the world – carbon dating indicates that these trees can live 3,000 years or more. In addition to providing food and shelter, the fruit, leaves, and bark of the mighty tree have been used medicinally for centuries in natural remedies for everything from fever to digestive issues. The fruit of the tree resembles a large mango or coconut measuring up to 18cm long and weighing around 1.4kg. It consists of a hard outer shell filled with pulp that dehydrates naturally as the fruit matures.


When the pulp of this fruit is ground into powder it is known simply as baobab powder. This substance contains a powerhouse of nutrients including vitamin C, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, and an assortment of antioxidants. The combination of these essential minerals, vitamins and antioxidants makes Baobab powder an excellent aid for slow energy release, immune system boost, bone strength, skin health, iron absorption and kidney detoxification. Add up to three tea spoons of MY|NAWIRY Baobab powder into your juice or yogurt. Add also to any baking recipes. Simple but good, just dissolve it into cold water.

Some people call it mwarubaini and some call it mkilifi. The NEEM TREE grows wildly in Kilifi District of Kenya and along the lower Coast in general. But these days, the tree has been introduced to many, if not, most parts of Kenya. Not only its leaves, but the tree's seeds, roots and bark also contain important compounds that have many medicinal and beauty properties. 

The Neem Tree is an incredible plant that has been declared “the Tree of the 21st Century” by the United Nations. It is one of the major components in Ayurvedic medicine, which has been practiced in India since many centuries, and where it is recognised as ‘Nature’s Drugstore’.

Researchers have found over 140 active compounds in Neem Leaf Powder that supports the entire body. It has antibacterial, antifungal , antiviral, anti-allergic, antioxidant, antiphrastic and analgesic properties. Neem Leaf Powder also contains 7% protein.

For internal use, the Neem powder can be drunk in the form of tea, or used in cooking. For external use, the powder can simply be mixed with water, an oil of your

Our Skin Care Selection (not for export)

“The power of love to change bodies is legendary, built into folklore, common sense, and everyday experience. Love moves the flesh, it pushes matter around. Throughout history, ‘tender loving care’ has uniformly been recognized as a valuable element in healing.” – Larry Dossey

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